Winter Fly Fishing

Winter Fly Fishing in the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina and Tennessee can be a special cold weather treat!

Gone are the maddening crowds of people roaming the trails and streams, and gone are the scorching temperatures associated with a typical southern Summer day. For the most part Winter in the Smoky Mountains are normally a mild affair, with day time temperatures reaching the mid 50′s-60′s.

One of the special treats for Winter time Fly Fishing is the abundance of good managed water in both North Carolina and Tennessee.

In Tennessee, the Town of Gatlinburg has special Delayed Harvest Regulations until March 1st. What this means for the visiting angler is the water loaded with Trout, most averaging 20 inches in length! This section is Catch and Release ONLY and you have to use artificial lures or flies with a single hook. So in short terms, this place is perfect for fly fishing. While most fishing is done in the midst of the shops and attractions in town, the scenery isn’t bad, Gatlinburg is a place. Plus you’re never too far from a cup of Hot Chocolate. Fly Fishing Gatlinburg in the winter is a great place for those wanting to learn to Fly Fish, it offers easy access to the river, good wading, and plenty of big trout. What more could you want!?

Fly Fishing North Carolina in the Winter is amazing! The NC side of the Smoky Mountains has miles of perfect trout filled water. Starting with the Tuckasegee River, which has a state managed Delayed Harvest section. This 7 mile long stretch of water is loaded to the max with Brook, Brown, and Rainbow Trout. Catching Grand Slam of all three species is a big possibility! The Tuckasegee River is a wide sprawling Rocky mountain suized tailwater river making trout fishing very near perfect here. During the winter months you can expect between 7,000-8,000 trout per mile. We offer both Wade Trips and Float Trips on this amazing river.

The Nantahala River in North Carolina is another great fly fishing destination. Nominated as Trout Unlimiteds Top 100 rivers in the US, the Nantahala River offers two distinct sections of river. The Upper section which is a Delayed Harvest section, (catch and release), is a small stream stocked heavily with Brook, Brown, and Rainbow Trout. You can expect 2,500-3,00 willing trout per mile here. There are some great insect hatches that can bring the trout to the surface after a dry fly all year long. The lower Nantahala River is a tail water fishery and is hands down one of the best wild trout streams in the country. Anglers regularly catch some impressive sized wild Rainbow and Brown trout here each week.


Fly Fishing the Great Smoky Mountains National Park during the winter can be an amazing experience. You will find solitude and spectacular scenery and beautiful wild trout. The streams in the Smokies are home to all wild Brook Trout, Brown Trout, and Rainbow Trout. The fishing here can be equally as good as other streams, especially during periods of warmer temperatures.

Fly Fishing the Smokies provides all necessary gear for fly fishing during the winter months. We supply Waders,Wading Boots, Fly Rods, Reel, leaders, tippet, and all flies at no additional charge. All you need to do is bundle up and let us take care of the rest!


So get yourself outside this winter and do the unexpected, come Fly Fishing with the guides at Fly Fishing the Smokies and beat the Winter Time blues.

To book your next trip with Fly Fishing the Smokies, call us at (828)-488-7665 or click the Book Online tab to right of the page!

See you on the water!

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